Which call to use to set the resource count of semaphore?
a) semget( )
b) semctl( )
c) sem_setcount( )
d) sem_set_count( )

“leaf child” will be printed 1 times
b) “leaf child” will be printed 3 times
c) “leaf child” will be printed 4 times
d) “leaf child” will be printed 8 times

cmd > abc 2>&1 will
a) Write file2 to file1
b) Write standard output and standard error to abc
c) Write standard error to abc
d) Write standard output to abc & standard error to monitor

Which system call is used to create a hard link?
a) hardlink
b) link
c) symlink
d) ln

The command syntax to display the file ‘sample.txt’ one page at a time is
a) man sample.txt>more
b) cat sample.txt<more
c) cat sample.txt|more
d) none of the mentioned

Which of the following command output contains userid?
a) ls
b) help
c) date
d) ls –l

Which command is used to record a user login session in a file
a) macro
b) read
c) script
d) none of the mentioned

Which option of rmdir command will remove all directories a, b, c if path is a/b/c
a) –b
b) –o
c) –p
d) –t

? Specifies
a) one or more character
b) zero or more charecter
c) one character
d) none of the mentioned

Syntax of any Unix command is:
a) command [options] [arguments].
b) command options [arguments].
c) command [options] [arguments].
d) command options arguments